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Our Mission

The mission of the Township of Schaumburg is to provide quality resources, assistance and information to empower our diverse community through innovative programming, data-driven decision-making, and fiscally mindful leadership.



The vision is to establish the Township of Schaumburg as Illinois’ most responsive, dependable, inclusive, and responsible local government, while improving the lives of all those we serve.



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    We are responsible to, and a reflection of, the community we serve.

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    We believe in doing what is right for our clients.

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    We ensure all those seeking assistance are heard and cared for with honor, compassion, respect, and dignity.

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    We provide high quality services in a competent, enthusiastic, professional, and ethical manner.

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    Together with our employees and volunteers we work cooperatively with community, state, and national agencies to use our resources responsibly and sustainably.

History of Schaumburg Township

A History of Service…A Commitment to the Future

The Township of Schaumburg was officially established on April 2, 1850. On that date, the first Annual Town Meeting was held and officers were elected.

The Township saw a steady increase in population in the first fifty years of its existence, most of whom were relatives of Schaumburg residents and had emigrated from the Schaumburg-Lippe area in Germany. There were 134 residents listed on the 1860 census and 863 by 1900. Today’s population exceeds 140,000. Seven villages are located within the Township, plus the unincorporated area. The villages are Elk Grove, Hanover Park, Hoffman Estates, Rolling Meadows, Roselle, Schaumburg and Streamwood.

In 1850 a tour through the Township would find mostly farmers. Today few farm plots exist. Residents are now employed in numerous occupations, among those are doctors, dentists, lawyers, teachers and skilled craftsman.

The Township in Transition

The Township moved from “The Buttery” on Roselle Road to the old “Blackhawk School” in 1977. Township staff and services outgrew the original town hall and a new Town Hall was constructed on the same site. The old structure was razed, and the Township moved into the new facility in November 1996. The new building is about twice the size of the old one and is a citizen-friendly-state-of-the-art facility. The Township Road District also maintains a building on the same site as the Town Hall.

In reviewing old minutes and correspondence of the 1950’s, it is obvious that major changes have taken place. In 1955, the Highway Commissioner ordered the founders of Hoffman Estates to destroy the Canadian thistles on their property before they went to seed. From one precinct in 1956, Schaumburg Township now has 94 precincts. In that same year, electors at the Town Meeting passed an ordinance stating that no horses, cattle, swine or sheep be allowed to run at large. Times have changed! In 1959, the lack of traffic signals was a concern. Today traffic problems continue to exist but for different reasons due to the growth in population.

The Township Today

Township government used to concern itself with taking care of the roads as one of its main priorities. While that function still exists in the unincorporated areas, the Township’s main emphasis is on providing human services in the areas of mental health, disability services, senior services, transportation services and welfare services. The Township also provides a myriad of other services including, but not limited to, voter registration, passport services, notary public services, property tax assessment appeal assistance, as well as general information and referral services.

From the 1850’s through the 2000’s the services offered by the Township would not be possible if it were not for the dedicated employees and volunteers in our Township family. Whether a rural community of 40 years ago or the highly diversified urban community of today, Schaumburg Township’s motto of “A History of Service…A Commitment to the Future” certainly applies to the officials, employees and volunteers.