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Scott M. Kegarise – Schaumburg Township Highway Commissioner

Road & Bridge District

A Message from the Road District Commissioner

Being the Road District Commissioner of Schaumburg Township is a rewarding experience as we continue the proud tradition of providing excellent services to our unincorporated residents. A frequent question which I encounter from residents of the municipalities is: “Why should I pay road district taxes?” A little known fact is that half of the levied taxes are returned to the municipalities for their public works departments. Our staff will continue to provide the high caliber of service to which the residents of the unincorporated area have become accustomed. If you have any concerns regarding our department please do not hesitate to contact me at

Scott M. Kegarise
Schaumburg Township Road District Commissioner





Road District Services

The mission of the Road District is to service and maintain the unincorporated roads and right-of-ways for the residents in unincorporated Schaumburg Township in a prompt, courteous and fiscally responsible manner.

The Department is also responsible for snow removal of unincorporated roads. For interested residents, there are several green alternatives to snow salt. EcoTraction, for example, is a volcanic mineral material that doesn’t melt down into the environment. Instead, it breaks down over winter and can be swept up in the spring. For more information about salt alternatives, please contact the Road District at 847-884-1727.

Rain Barrels

The Township Road District is offering rain barrels for purchase and delivery to Township residents for $55.00 per barrel. The barrels can help save money on your water bill by conserving rainwater from downspouts for later use. They also reduce the downstream load on the local watersheds. The rain barrels hold 55 gallons and are 36″ in height. They come complete with all-brass spigot, nuts, and gasket with standard garden hose connection. They have a powder coated stainless steel screen; child proof locking lid with screws; two-sided connectable overflow hose with hose clip; overflow connecting feature to the second barrel and installation and maintenance instructions. All barrels come unassembled. Installation is not included. Delivery could take 2-3 weeks. Residents do not need to be home for delivery. The barrels come in black only–the grey color has been discontinued.

Payment and reservation can be made online here. Residents can also reserve and purchase barrels by completing this form and submitting payment at the Township building in the Clerk’s Office. Call 847- 884-1727 for more information.

Branch Pick-Up for Unincorporated Schaumburg Township

Branch pick-up will be on the 1st and 3rd Mondays from May-September. Depending the amount of brush put out, we may not get to everyone on Monday and will resume pick-up on Tuesday.

This program is for removal of light pruning and trimming of trees not tree removal. We will not pick up contractor generated brush.


  • No piles larger than 4 ft. high by 8 ft. wide. Anything larger will be left behind.
  • Place cut ends toward the roadway with all branches facing the same direction.
  • Keep branches as long as possible. Do not cut into pieces. Diameter up to 6 inches will be accepted.
  • No logs, evergreens clippings or rotten wood will be picked up.
  • Brush must be free of stumps, root balls, dirt, stones, metal, old wood, construction materials and other trash.
  • Leaves, twigs, clippings, grass cuttings or vines should be put in yard bags to be picked up by your wasted recycling company.
  • Once we have been down your street, we will not be back until the next scheduled pick-up.

When available, wood chips can be delivered on a first call-first served basis. Call the Road District at 847-884-1727.

Road Permit for Unincorporated Schaumburg

Unincorporated residents are required to file a permit application with the Highway Department for certain types of construction projects. We no longer require permits for roofs but do require them for new homes, additions and driveways. Cook County will deny your application for construction if you have not filed an application with the Highway Department.

Application for Permit