Link Card Phishing Scam 1.26.23

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From Illinois Department of Human Services on January 26, 2023:
“Illinois Link card customers and non-customers are reporting that they have received phishing texts to their cell phones that state, “Your Link card is blocked” with a phone number to call. If you received this text, do not call the phone number and do not provide your Link card number and/or PIN to anyone. If you did provide your information, please change your PIN right away and request a new Link card by calling the Illinois Link Helpline at 1-800-678-LINK. If you need a replacement card right away, go to your local IDHS office.
While IDHS will send informational text messages to customers, we will never ask for your personal information like LINK card number and/or PIN. Only use the number on the back of your Link card 1-800-678-LINK (5465), or the ebtEDGE app to access your Link account. Visit for more information on keeping your account safe.”